About Us

Bob Larsen Chemist/President WI – Southeast

After completing undergraduate and graduate college work in a multi-major curriculum, Bob Larsen spent several years in the business. With a passion for chemistry, Bob shifted to work in chemistry field covering the Wisconsin territory for a number of water treatment companies. While his initial work was in the area of potable water treatment, he eventually came to specialize in the application of chemicals to boilers and cooling towers.

In 1986, Bob and his wife, Mari Ann formed Chem-Tech International as a company that not only specialized in boiler and cooling tower water treatment, but added a very special technological approach to the business. The purpose of this approach was to bring a greater assurance that there would never be a water-related failure. As president of this company, it has been his goal to advance the technology to the extent that 100% success is not only possible, but most probable and has added products, services, equipment, supplies, and processes to achieve this goal.

Contact Information Cell: 920.946.3595

Mari Ann Larsen Vice-President

Mari Ann Larsen has been vice president of Chem-Tech since its inception in 1986. Prior to that Mari Ann was a real estate agent with Century 21. She is involved in the management of day-to-day operations, personnel administration, and marketing functions. Mari Ann has over twenty five years experience in the business management field.

She explains, “I love to work with vendors and suppliers on a personal level in order to gain the best possible prices for our customers.”

Contact Information Office: 866.998.7328 Ext. 306



Matt Blodgett Chemist/Service Engineer WI – Northern

Matt Blodgett was born and raised in Stoughton, WI and currently resides in the Stevens Point. In 2010, Matt earned a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. During college, he participated in an undergraduate research project that studied the protein differences of wild-type and knockout mice. Matt started at Chem-Tech International as a Chemist/Service Engineer after spending some time in the fertilizer industry

Matt enjoys traveling to the various customer locations and learning about their stories. He says, “With this connection, we can work together to use superior chemical testing quality chemicals and complete knowledge to be able to handle any situation and leave each system striving for no less than 100%.”

Contact Information Cell: 920.946.3082



Jason Sprang Plant Manager

Since 2006, Jason Sprang has been a valued employee at Chem-Tech. After learning every aspect of production, shipping, and safety; Jason moved into the position of Plant Manager. Jason says, “In the past few years with Chem-Tech, I’ve learned that this company is built on solid principles, commitment to customer satisfaction, and superior quality of product.”

Contact Information Office: 866.998.7328 Ext. 304

Lori Ploof Office Manager

Lori Ploof started with Chem-Tech in 1990 when the company built its home base in Random Lake. Lori wears many hats around the office, including customer service, invoicing, researching equipment for customers, supporting the company’s field representatives, and most recently taking on the responsibility of office manager. Lori enjoys working with customers and places an emphasis getting to know customers and responding to each individual customer’s needs. She says, “Everyday is something new.”

Contact Information Office: 866.998.7328 Ext. 301 & 302